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Gilberg Furniture is proud to introduce you to our brand new Canadel Custom Dining Gallery. Our dining gallery features a large selection of tables, chairs, benches and stools with virtual design tools, fabrics, wood samples along with our staff of talented designers to help you design the room of your dreams.

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Handcrafted Quality

When it comes to designing and building tables, chairs and stools, Canadel is in a class by itself. Turning, say, a birch board into a comfortable chair or opulent-looking table is what Canadel does best, and this is where incredible attention to detail comes in. No matter the stage—from staining wood to sewing the last seam on a cushion to carving ornate designs into legs—there’s a series of careful inspections to ensure the quality of each product meets their standards. Canadel takes their promise to you, the customer—to produce custom-built pieces—to heart. No two products from their production line are the same.

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Proudly made in North America

Canadel is a family-owned company. We believe in manufacturing products that are hand-assembled and hand-finished following the highest quality standards in the industry, according to environmentally-friendly processes. Since 1982, the Canadel vision has endured - offering personalized products tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer’s home. What we offer is heirlooms in the making: furniture so well made you will be passing it to your children who will then pass it on to theirs, keeping it all in the family.

Inspired Magazine


Get inspired with the INSPIRED Magazine by Canadel. INSPIRED is full of design ideas, interesting home and lifestyle articles and even recipes.

Open Palette to Your Imagination!

Did you know that you can customize every aspect of your furniture: color, shape and finish.

Try the Canadel U Design Tool, their exclusive design software, to see your dreams come true in just a few clicks!

It's free and accessible at all times, available on your Desktop Computer, iPad, iPhone and Android. No download necessary.

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